Quandis Bankruptcy Search

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QBS: Quandis Bankruptcy Search

Quandis Bankruptcy Search (QBS) offers an automated wrapper around the US Bankruptcy Courts’ Pacer system. Efficiently receive the most current information from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system to determine if an individual has sought protection under federal bankruptcy laws. The Bankruptcy records cover all Bankruptcy Districts in the United States including voluntarily or involuntarily Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 petition filings. If you currently have employees logging into Pacer to search for bankruptcy filings, checking the status of a bankruptcy case, searching docket information or downloading dockets, QBS can automate this process for you. We will return the raw bankruptcy data in spreadsheet or XML form, as well as a hyperlink to a screenshot of the Pacer system itself from which the data was scraped.

Features include:

  • Reducing labor costs by fully automating Pacer searching
  • Results are in a format that can be imported into a servicing or case management system
  • Providing a PDF image of the Pacer screen for auditing purposes
  • Include docket searching and return with results
  • Search thresholds to limit processing that occurs during searching

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